Victor Kasenda resource archive source code (c) 1998-2001 Victor Kasenda / gruv. Similar to a BZIP2 Tarball.
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installation/getting to know/compiling and running
reSource v2.61
Copyright (C) 1998-2001 Victor Kasenda / gruv
reSource support site:
This file last updated on 08 May 2001
unzip everything, including subdirectories into a directory.
The following directories will be created:
\Archiver Demo (Full featured Archiver demo that uses the TResource Component)
\Archiver Demo2 (demo for compressing/decompressing one file at a time)
\Component (The TResource component)
\manuals (System Doc and other txt files)
\Xtra (extra sources)
In Delphi, Open ResourcePack.dpk under \Components and press 'Install'.
The Component Package will be installed.
You should be able to see the TResource component under the 'Compression' tab in the component list.
make sure TResource component has been installed. Just Build and Run the Project.
readme.txt - first file you should have read.
arcstruc.txt - the archive structure
install.txt - This file. Getting to know and using the component.
notes.txt - some notes I wrote about the implementation.
version.txt - The version of reSource and History.
On the top of every unit there is a small description of what the unit does, how it works and maybe a brief description of the algorithm.
Also, before some procedures there is a detailed description of what the procedure does and how it does the work.
The main unit for the component is Component\ResourceCompUnit.pas. At the top of the unit is a detailed explanation of how to use it in code.
the following documents are in word 97 format, they are in the \manuals directory:
system doc.doc -
system documentation. about the archiver, how it works and organisation of the classes. may be quite outdated. the major change in version 2.1 is the sadakane suffix sort, which is much more efficient than the one described in the doc. this doc was written for the project, and as such has a lot of credits, names and references which you may not understand. but for completeness and originality's sake, i left them all in.
...carry on, compile/run/go/copy/paste/learn/code/delphirulez...