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reSource version 2.61 public release full source
copyright (C) 1998-2001 Victor Kasenda / gruv
icq: 6505245
Version 2.61: (15/10)
- fixed a bug in the GetCompressionRatio function which caused the calculation
overflow when calculating for larger files. (credits: Richard Sutcliffe)
Version 2.6
- Fixed ShellTypeName and ShellSmallImageIndex in TCentralFileHeader. Now implemented as properties and it will read itself when data is requested.
- Added 2 new functions: TResource.CompressToArchive and TResource.DecompressFromArchive
- Added Archiver Demo2 to demonstrate use of reSource to compress/decompress one file at a time.
Version 2.5 BETA
- Removed inter unit dependencies with the Component. TResource is now a stand alone component and you can integrate it easily with your application to provide Block Sorting compression.
- Cleaned up source code, and reorganized units into seperate dirs.
- The demo app now looks much better, and also has verbose output of what the engine is doing.
Version 2.1
First public release of source code.
Probably the only full Object Pascal/Delphi implementation of the Block Sorting Compression Algorithm + Arithmetic Encoding.
The first full source code release for a full featured archiver that has add/extract/delete and CRC32 Error checks.