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reSource, written by Victor Kasenda. Public release 2001.

License (per the author): the source code to the program is free for non-commercial and educational use. It can be incorporated

freely into programs that are 'freeware' or public domain'.

please do at least drop me a note at, mention where you got the code from in the credits and acknowledge the people as listed at the end of the document.

Retrieved 2020 09 21 from Specifically as part of the Common Archiver Kit Install Pack.

reSource is an archive method very similar to a Bzip2 Tarball. Data files packed this way begin with the "magic number" RSVKDATA and usually have .rs as the file extension.

The source code was downloaded and reposted for archival purposes. .rs files have been seen in the wild, but not much information is available online and the original information from the early 2000s is disappearing from the net.

Thank God for the web archive! :)

Looks like the QuickZip / QZip web site was available at least until July 2015.